Global Proof Of Concept Trials

POC in Hong Kong

Initial proof of concept testing in Hong Kong

Multiple Curvalux Edge Nodes were installed in the AirspaceIX’s satellite & telecom facilities in Hong Kong for testing with CPEs and Wifi Smartphones. We successfully demonstrated rerouting IP signals via multiple Edge node to Edge node phased array beams proving Curvalux’s main advantage of being able to deploy a wide area wireless broadband network with minimum number of installations requiring IP/Fiber connectivity. We also demonstrated over 150 Mbps to smartphones at range over 1.2 KM.

Curvalux Global Proof Of Concept Trials

POC Las Vegas, USA

POC Wifi 6 Testing with Curvalux in Las Vegas, USA
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Curvalux Head Office, UK

Curvalux 7 Albermarle Street,
United Kingdom W1S 4HQ

POC Testing in Kuwait

POC Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

POC Testing in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
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POC Hong Kong

Initial proof of concept testing in Hong Kong
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POC Selangor, Malaysia

POC testing in Selangor, Malaysia
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POC Jakarta & West Java, Indonesia

POC Testing In Jakarta & West Java, Indonesia
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POC Manila, Philippines

Mass POC testing in Manila, Philippines
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POC Semirara Island, Philippines

Deployment in Semirara Island, Philippines
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