Wifi @ the Edge of the world

CurvaNet, Global

Constellation of 240 Low Earth Orbiting Satellites and world’s first low cost and self installed satellite antenna system using Curvalux broadband wireless technology to provide broadband needs in the world’s least connected regions

Announcing CurvaNet

Finally – an affordable and practical way to provide high-speed broadband to the 3.5 billion people on the planet who currently lack reliable internet access.
CurvaNet’s innovative system of low cost and self installable user terminals (CPE) with high capacity fleet of low earth orbit satellites covering the earth, will be a game-changer in terms of efforts to deepen broadband penetration and ensure more inclusive internet access in the world’s least connected regions.

Behind the ‘digital divide’

A lack of availability and affordability are the fundamental reasons why over 3.5 billion people worldwide still lack internet access:

  • Availability – a significant majority of the world’s unconnected population live in rural areas. The investment required to build and maintain a telecommunications network infrastructure to reach rural areas can cost operators 2-3 times what it costs to build and operate networks in urban areas. The lack of reliable electricity and infrastructure makes it impractical for operators to make this investment.


  • Affordability – it’s no surprise that over 70% of the the world’s unconnected population live in poor developing countries. Beyond the lack of availability of any form of internet service, the high cost of data plans and user terminals make connecting financially inaccessible for the poorer segments of society, particularly women and students.

Introducing CurvaNet

Imagine a beach-ball sized device that connects effortlessly with 240 Low Earth Orbiting (“LEO”) satellites above it or cell towers on earth. This portable, solar powered sphere (Customer Premise Equipment – “CPE”) will be able to deliver a WiFi signal that:
Provides local WiFi at 2.4 GHz which is compatible with low cost WiFi-enabled phones and devices for internet access.

  • Has a range of 50 meters from the sphere.
  • Can be powered by a 20W solar panel and from the electrical grid using a 5V supply.
  • Has almost zero maintenance requirements.
  • At under 3 kilograms, is easily transported and rapidly set-up by the users themselves.
  • Works in any geographical terrain and in all-weather conditions.

In essence, CurvaNet’s patented innovative technologies have been designed to overcome the underlying challenges of availability and affordability faced by other satellite or terrestrial broadband technologies.


  • CurvaNet’s LEO satellite constellation provides universal coverage of even the most remote places on the planet including on small fishing vessels at sea.
  • Its low-cost CPE allows for affordable broadband internet access without the need to construct expensive digital infrastructure.

User Cost

CurvaNet’s aim is to make the sphere CPE available for wholesale at USD$100.

  • Data costs are being targeted at USD$0.20 per Gigabyte to the local reseller, which is a lower cost than mobile phones data plans.  

The Company

CurvaNet is a project of Curvalux Inc. CurvaNet will integrate the wireless broadband payload from Curvalux with low cost satellites LEO satellites supplied by another AirspaceIX subsidiary Saturn Satellite Networks based on the GEO space qualified NovaWurks HISat platform.