Curvalux to Open R&D Facility in the UK

The UK government authority of Sheffield, are jointly investing to open a telecommunications R&D center with Curvalux

Meet Curvalux's phased array.

Replacing 4G & 5G wide area omni/sector systems

The Next Evolution In Broadband Wireless Communications

Airspace Internet Exchange Inc. (AirspaceIX) is developing the next generation broadband wireless technology platforms and user terminals. We provide the lowest cost and the most innovative connectivity solutions that complement existing telco networks to bring the reach of the global internet to rural communities and underserved suburban areas with the highest broadband connectivity services.  AirspaceIX has launched two world leading technologies: Curvalux, the world’s most innovative multi-beam phased array wireless broadband access system and Saturn Satellite Network’s Nationsat, the world’s first space qualified small GEO satellite with an all digital payload.  AirspaceIX is a US Delaware corporation and Curvalux and Saturn are its operating subsidiaries.


Multi-beam Phased Array Broadband System

Curvalux is an advanced multi-beam phased array wireless access and backbone technology with a patented backhaul relay architecture. The Curvalux antenna’s high directivity and gain dramatically increases the throughput and range of wireless broadband connectivity to low powered and low cost end-user terminals. The next generation 5G mobile systems are also multi-beam phased array technologies but Curvalux beats those systems in terms of mass, size, power and most importantly cost for the fixed wireless access application.

Curvalux provides long range fixed wireless communications services up to 15km to end users with a fixed CPE and up to 2km to handheld WiFi enabled mobile phones and tablets. Curvalux currently operates in the 5GHz unlicensed band, with future versions operating in mmW and licensed frequencies.


Introducing Saturn Satellite Networks

Saturn Satellite Networks (SSN) Inc. is a US Delaware Corporation and a subsidiary of Airspace Internet Exchange Inc. SSN was established in 2017 by a team of highly experienced and respected satellite professionals who redefined the approach for building reliable GEO communications satellites which would enable individual countries and operators to have affordable access to space communications. SSN has designed and developed the “Nationsat”, a 4kW GEO communications satellite system that can provide a nation with satellite communications for video and data applications. All the subsystems of the Nationsat have either previously flown on other missions or would have undergone extensive GEO qualification procedures to ensure complete reliability in orbit. SSN entered into a M&A process with NovaWurks Inc., a California based corporation that is the manufacturer of the HISat, a modular satellite platform that is connected together to conform to the payload of any mission in GEO, MEO or LEO orbits. The HISat serves as the basic platform of the Nationsat.


Possibilities Realised

We believe that everyone should have access to the latest tools for the exploration and understanding of our planet and the surrounding universe. Our configurable platform allows anyone to deploy affordable, flexible spacecraft into commercial space.

Curvalux Global Proof Of Concept Trials

POC Las Vegas, USA

POC Wifi 6 Testing with Curvalux in Las Vegas, USA
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Curvalux Head Office, UK

Curvalux 7 Albermarle Street,
United Kingdom W1S 4HQ

POC Testing in Kuwait

POC Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

POC Testing in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Read About POC

POC Hong Kong

Initial proof of concept testing in Hong Kong
Read About POC

POC Selangor, Malaysia

POC testing in Selangor, Malaysia
Read About POC

POC Jakarta & West Java, Indonesia

POC Testing In Jakarta & West Java, Indonesia
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POC Manila, Philippines

Mass POC testing in Manila, Philippines
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POC Semirara Island, Philippines

Deployment in Semirara Island, Philippines
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Curvalux to Open R&D Facility in the UK

Curvalux to Open R&D Facility in the UK

Curvalux UK and a government authority of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, are jointly investing to open a telecommunications R&D center and production facility. Curvalux, which is developing and manufacturing new generation wireless broadband...

Airspace IX Team

Thomas Choi

Executive Chairman

Link to my LinkedIn profile

Via Satellite Satellite Executive of the Year 2012. Satellite Hall of Fame 2017. Founded Speedcast and ABS. Hughes and Rockwell. Creative and Disruptive. MBA & BSAE

Richard Pak

Group CEO

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Internet, telecom and media veteran., Yahoo! and ABS. Business Development Genius. BSME

Charlie Lee

Group CFO

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Finance and strategic planning executive focused on creating shareholder value and capital raising.  Former JPMorgan investment banker focused on capital structure and corporate finance advisory.

Nir Barkan

Group CTO

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Telecom and Rf communications Expert. Satixfy, Orbit, Novelsat. MBA & BSEE

Aldine Ringor

SVP of Engineering
Over 20 years in the telecommunication industry in the field of network engineering, operations, and program management leading teams that design, implement, and operate ground infrastructure required for TT&C, broadcast and commercial services to include teleports, service platforms, and terrestrial networks.  Prior to AirSpaceIX, was a pioneer at ABS, SpeedCast and ASIX teleport.

Jim Simpon

Board Member of Saturn Satellite Networks
Extraordinary satellite and space systems engineer. Former President Boeing Satellite Systems & Aerojet Rocketdyne, ABS. MBA, BS & MS

Ken Betaharon

CTO Saturn Satellite Networks

Link to my LinkedIn profile

The world’s most experienced satellite engineer having procured more than 51 satellites. Former CTO Intelsat & ABS. BS and MS Electrical and Communications Engineering

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